Private Questions

Metaculus now has a new type of question: private questions. Private questions are questions that only you can see on the site. They aren't moderated, so you can post one and predict on it right away. You can resolve your own private questions at any time, but points for private predictions won't be added to your overall Metaculus score and they won't effect your ranking on the leader board.

You can use private questions for anything you want. Use them as practice to calibrate your predictions before playing for points, create a question series on a niche topic, or pose personal questions that only you can resolve. It's up to you!

To create a private question, just log in to your Metaculus account and go to the Create a Question page. There'll be a new option to make your question private or public. You'll also find that in your personal track record page, there are options to look at just your private predictions, or public predictions, or both, and that there is a new filter on the "find questions" table to view just your private questions.

Nobody else can see your private questions on the site; in the future we may add a feature so that you can invite others to view particular ones, but nobody else will have access to your full list or without your invitation. (If you have a private question that you want lots of people to view, we suggest suggesting a public question!)