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A new major religion on 1 January 2050?


As of 2012, at a time when the world population was approximately 7.167 billion, estimates from (a website established in 1998 that collects and presents information on religious demographics; it is the largest pool of such data freely available on the internet) indicated that approximately 84% of the world population practiced some form of religion.

At that time, only four specific religious faiths had more than an estimated 500 million adherents. They were Christianity at 2.4 billion, Islam at 1.8 billion, Hinduism at 1.15 billion, and Buddhism at 521 million. See the list here for more details.

This question asks: as of 1 January 2050, will there be any single religious faith with more than 500 million adherents which does not appear in the list of specific religious faiths included in the body of this question?

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