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Approval of cultivated meat in the US

Feeding Humanity Alt-Protein Tournament


On November 26, 2020, Singapore became the first country to approve the commercial sale of cultivated meat. The San Francisco startup, Eat Just, can now sell its cultivated chicken nuggets through its soon-to-be-built, Singapore based restaurants. Its co-founder, Josh Tetrick, hopes that "Singapore’s decision to approve his company’s “GOOD Meat” chicken nuggets would spur regulators in the United States and countries in Western Europe to move faster to regulate lab-grown meat." Another San Francisco-based company, Wildtype, expects commercial sales of its cultured salmon in 2022. Its officials say they will be ready to apply for U.S. regulatory approval to sell its salmon as soon as the USDA and FDA publish the protocols.

Cultivated meat is growing in popularity, not just for startups, but also for consumers.

However, no country besides Singapore has yet legalized the sale of a cultivated meat product. Thus we ask:

By April 2023, will the US approve cultivated meat for human consumption?

This question resolves positively if the US approves at least one cultivated meat product for human consumption (or issues a more general approval for a class of cultivated meat products) before April 1, 2023. The question resolves positively even if the approval is later rescinded.

For a product to be deemed a "cultivated meat product", it must contain at least 20% cultivated meat by weight (where cultivated meat is here defined as meat that is grown primarily or entirely in cell culture, rather than in an animal’s body).

Resolution is by credible news source, reports from regulators, or statements by relevant cultivated meat companies.

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