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Playing God Question Series

Metaculus sometimes runs sets of questions that fit particular themes. We want to provide places to discuss whatever is implied by or provocative about these thematically related questions. We also want to give you the opportunity to suggest further variations on these themes, while also making a handy shareable page if you ever want to get others in on the prognosticating.

This is the inaugural effort at a new way of presenting question series. Let us know what you think!

Whether it's by giving life to various and sundry Frankensteins' Monsters, searching for the secret to immortality, or using cheat codes to become even godlier in god-game Populous, human beings can't resist a good brush with the divine.

The Playing God series represents Metaculus's long-simmering interest in such questions, with all their bioethical, theological, and transhumanist reverberations.

Some of the current offerings are on whether a restaurant will serve lab-grown meat by 2021 or whether we'll finally zap mosquitoes once and for all, but click here for the full list. And why not help us add to it? Suggest additions in the comments below or even join our pantheon of question-writing Metaculus users by writing one up yourself!