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It's Time for New Year's "Resolutions"

Metaculus Meta

2022 is coming to an end, and that means it's the season for holiday celebrations, preparing for 2023, and for a large number of Metaculus questions to resolve! The Metaculus team is looking forward to resolving these questions, and we'd love to enlist the help of the community. You can help by commenting on any questions that will resolve at the end of the year with how you think they should resolve and (where appropriate) a detailed explanation of why that resolution is warranted, including links to supporting information. This would save us a great amount of research time as we dive into all these questions.

Lastly, please save our inboxes: do not tag admins about question resolution until at least January 10th. There are over 200 questions resolving and it will take us some time to get to all of them. Once the date has passed if it appears we've overlooked any questions we'd greatly appreciate tagging us. (And, as always, Moderators do not have the power to resolve questions so please don't tag @moderators for question resolution, only @admins).

Thank you to this great community for another excellent year of forecasting. Your forecasts and commentary continue to make Metaculus a fantastic place to discuss and learn about important developments in science, technology, and world politics. Happy holidays and may your Yule log scores bring you warmth!

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