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🔔 New Global Notifications Keep You Current

Metaculus Meta

Community Update

With new global notifications, learn when the Community Prediction updates by at least 10% for any question you’ve forecast—and all with a single click. Now it’s easier to track fast-moving stories, stay current with the latest evidence and arguments, and keep your own predictions fresh sitewide.


Unlike custom notifications set for individual questions, global notifications apply to all questions you’ve forecast. Just toggle “significant movement on predicted questions” in Settings. (Don’t worry about your inbox overflowing: notifications are batched by the hour.)

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

🕛 Get Custom Notifications on Forecasts [Originally Posted 2023-3-10]

We’ve upgraded notifications to make it easier to follow the questions you care about so you can keep your predictions fresh and stay up to date as stories develop. Set a single notification that alerts you whenever the community prediction shifts, when a percentage of a question's open period has elapsed, or at regular intervals—and all without spending a tachyon.


What’s New?

Click the Notify Me button on a question page and select a trigger to get started. You can schedule an automated email to notify you in a day, a week, a month, or a year, and each can be set to repeat as needed.


It’s also easy to make that final forecast before a question closes: Just schedule a notification for when the question reaches 90% of its lifetime and you’re set.

You can even create repeat reminders and receive alerts every time that percentage elapses. Set it for 30% and be notified again at 60% and 90% of question lifetime.

What’s Better?

You can set repeat reminders for the already released notification types too. Be notified whenever there are new comments to read to follow the latest analyses. Learn whenever the community prediction shifts another 10% as a fast-moving story develops. Or set a notification for a specific date and schedule repeat notifications every month thereafter.

What’s Easier?

In addition to making notifications more easily accessible, we’ve also removed the 1-tachyon price tag to make it that much simpler to add reminders to your forecasting workflow. And you can now set notifications for questions you haven’t predicted on.

What Else?

You can still write notes to accompany your notifications. You can still check your current reminders. And you can still remove the ones you no longer need.

What Do You Think?

We’re always interested to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think of the upgrade in the comments below!