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New Question Pages Get You Forecasting Faster

Metaculus Meta

Maybe you’re updating your forecast. Or maybe you’re the foremost expert in this topic and you’ve got your prediction all queued up. Or maybe you’ve got a burning passion to predict and can’t be bothered with pedestrian concerns like scrolling farther down the page.

Whichever scenario applies, our new question page layouts streamline that forecasting process. Now the forecasting interface sits just below the Timeline, with the resolution criteria conveniently included. Just keep scrolling to see the Question’s background info.


Our migration script has done its best to cleanly split question descriptions from resolution criteria, but we do request that you ping @admins in the comments of any questions where you find issues.

One final note: The Metaculus team does not view or manually edit private questions. We do apologize for any cases where sections were not split cleanly.

We hope you enjoy the new layout! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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