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Streamlined, LLM-Enhanced Question Discovery

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  • Metaculus features over 9,000 questions spanning hundreds of distinct topics. Today we’re launching a completely redesigned and LLM-augmented framework for categorizing forecast questions so navigation is fast and intuitive.


    What’s New?

    Hello dynamically generated tags

    Metaculus contains multitudes and is always expanding. Because we need a system that can grow along with us, we use an LLM to automatically generate a list of narrower, more flexible tags for each question.

    Is a rising political star making policy waves? Is a new AI model blowing past benchmarks? If they’re making an impact in the world, our new LLM pipeline is designed to identify them and auto-generate new tags to help you stay tuned.

    Goodbye sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories)

    We distilled hundreds of our old question categories down to 17 narrow categories. These are mostly static, and question authors choose them during creation. These primary category tags cover big, overarching areas like Geopolitics, Social Sciences, and AI.

    Introducing leaderboard tags

    We’ve also introduced a new tag that shows what leaderboard a question belongs to, based on the open and resolve dates.

    Tournament and question series tags are here to stay

    If a question belongs to a tournament or question series, select the tag to find every other forecast question in that group.

    How Do They Work?

    Want to locate every Metaculus question that references the Red Sea? About OpenAI? In the Global Pulse Tournament? Simply select a tag to update your feed.

    You can find tags on any question detail page—in the sidebar on desktop and in the Metadata panel on mobile.

    Discover new questions on your top topics

    You can explore every category and dynamically generated tag on the platform here. See how many questions feature a given tag and search the complete tag library.

    Tag feedback

    Did you find a question with an inappropriate tag? LLMs are fallible, and this will occasionally happen. Just select ‘Submit Tags Feedback’ to let our team know, and we’ll address the issue ASAP. Alternatively, if you’d like to see a tag added to a question, let us know and we can make that happen!

    We’d love to know what you think about our more streamlined, more flexible categorization approach. Share your feedback in the comments!

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