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The Bridgewater x Metaculus Contest

Bridgewater Forecasting Contest Warmup

We have exciting news: We’re partnering with Bridgewater Associates to launch the Bridgewater x Metaculus Forecasting Contest. Prove your forecasting abilities on a range of topics and compete for $25,000 in prizes, plus potential career opportunities at a premier asset management firm with a unique culture of radical transparency and idea meritocracy.

Bridgewater is seeking ways to strengthen their hiring processes, and recruiting individuals with measurably more accurate beliefs about the world may prove a competitive advantage. They are hosting the contest on Metaculus to identify these talented individuals—because unlike a predefined test, a forecasting contest pits candidates’ abilities against the unfolding future itself.

The contest begins April 16th, and is open to all US residents. Registration required.


A 2nd round of questions opens April 23rd and a third opens April 30. On May 22nd, we will announce the winners.

Ready to join? Register, start tackling the contest’s warmup questions, and learn more about how the contest works, including the distinct Undergraduate and Open leaderboards. Find full contest rules here.

A message from Bridgewater

The foundation of Bridgewater is our mission to deeply understand how the world works and translate that understanding into unique market insights, aligning with Metaculus' mission—a platform for forecasting and modeling future events and trends. We hope this partnership reaches more people who see the power of using data and research to comprehend the world around us. Join now to showcase your skills and take part in this exciting tournament!