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Forecasting the Future of Alt-Meat: A Metaculus Prediction Party

On October 17th, join us and dozens of your fellow Predictors in Arms at the Embassy SF for a live event dedicated to our Alt/Clean-Meat Question Series. We hope you'll RSVP here for this free event!

Alt-meat, that realistic, noshable alternative to the classic burger is possibly set to introduce a thrilling new chapter in the history of human nutrition, human gastronomy, and humane treatment of animals. But what will that chapter read?

Come join us and:

  1. Learn more about the state of this fascinating and fast-growing industry
  2. Study up on some techniques for good prediction-making
  3. Rub elbows with Metaculus founders, your fellow predictors, and our invited Guest Speaker
  4. Chow down on Impossible Whoppers

Hope to see you there!