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Track record page improvement suggestions

Metaculus Meta

Both for each user and for the system as a whole, Metaculus provides a track record page with lots of fun data. But there are a number of potential improvements and it has not been upgraded in a while. What should be added or changed? Here are a few potential ideas on the list already:

  • A plot for numerical predictions (including a Metaculus numerical prediction when available)

  • Visualization of the accuracy over time for each question

  • A more flexible way to filter by (multiple) categories

  • A way to compare with the community or metaculus prediction (right now you can flip back and forth but not see the differences on one plot.)

  • Perhaps a way (at nominal tachyon cost) to compare scores with another user on the overlapping set of questions.

What else?

And are there other statistics or plots it would be useful to see?

Metaculus Itself