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Question writing checklist.

Cross-posted on Metaculus: Pandemics.

Please suggest below items you would like to see on a checklist automatically displayed during question writing and during the review phase (i.e. pending and upcoming statuses).

  • Provide one item per top-level comment (discussions go in replies.)

  • I will make one top-level comment for meta-discussion, please keep discussions about the checklist itself there.

  • Please smiley-face suggestions you like (but remember that you cannot un-smiley-face a comment, so wield your smiley-faces carefully).

  • I will make one top-level comment for meta-meta discussion about this discussion page itself.

One direction that I think would be productive: the checklist could aim not to make perfect questions, but to prevent simple oversights and dumb mistakes that result in ambiguous resolutions.

The motivation for this is that checklists work.

Of course I intend no pressure on the dev team, but this'll be available if/when you decide to implement it.