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Platform update thread

New features and other updates are now starting to appear on Metaculus. Below is a list, which we'll continue to update as updates appear. Please use this thread to comment on these new features, note bugs, etc.


Update 2020-02-24

  • For continuous questions, you can now hover over the prediction graph to see the relative probability that you have assigned to any given point.

  • Also for continuous questions, you now have the option of viewing your prediction as either a PDF (probability density function, the default) or a CDF (continuous distribution function). To unlock the CDF you must either be level 3 or unlock the corresponding power on your profile page.

  • Bug fix: on the profile page, accounts with over 100 comments will now load additional comments correctly.

  • Bug fix: removing all your predictions on a question via anti-predicting will now also remove the question from your track record and your list of predicted questions.

Update 2020-02-13

  • New @moderators tag that notifies all (currently) moderators.

  • There is now a "report as problematic" button (little "!") for each comment. You can report as spam or as otherwise problematic. Reports go to moderators.

  • New autocomplete of @mentions. As you type you'll get suggestions including (a) moderators; (b) people who have commented on this question and (c) the question author.

  • Question resolution is now a "high weight" event so recently-resolved questions should appear near the top of the "featured" list.

  • Rankings page now include leader-boards for recently opened questions (not just recently resolved ones), which is much more relevant to newcomers.

  • Bug fix: everyone can now duplicate their own private predictions.

Update 2020-01-24

  • New Metaculus reminder system. For a nominal tachyon fee, anyone can write themselves a reminder on any question and then get emailed their reminder at a later date. You can pick the exact date that you want to be reminded, or you can be reminded to come back to a question once it opens, or you can use reminders to alert you to a big change in the community prediction.

  • Private note comment type. Private notes are just like regular comments, but only you can see them. Use your private notes to write down calculations, model notes, or anything else you might not want to share.

  • You can now see all of the questions you've upvoted by selecting "interested" from the player status menu on the question list page.

Updates prior to 2019-12-21

  • Recalibration of level colors, and addition of levels above 20.
  • Added more information to lower-right quadrant in question detail page.
  • Repaired bug in contests.
  • Repaired bug in category filter on track record page.
  • Community prediction now invisible by default until the first 48 hours or 10 predictions, whichever comes first.