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Global Pandemic Predictions Dashboard 2.0

Cross-posted on Metaculus: Pandemics.

We've been working on a major pandemic dashboard update over the last few weeks, and we're excited to announce that it's finally ready! You can access the Global Pandemic Predictions Dashboard 2.0 here:

This unified dashboard aggregates key Metaculus predictions on a range of critical COVID-19-related topics, including:

  • Global epidemiology
  • Testing and tracking
  • Medical interventions
  • Government policy
  • Economy and business
  • Social and political impact
  • Clinical science

Clicking the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner of any prediction tile will add it to My Dashboard, so you can track the questions that are most important to you. (We'll soon add the capability to add questions to My Dashboard from anywhere on the Metaculus Pandemic site.)

We hope it is useful for you, our community, and we hope that you'll share with folks that you feel may find value in it. There are sharing buttons in the top right corner of all Expanded Tiles, and there'll be a way to share an entire dashboard in an upcoming release.

Stay on the lookout for more feature updates soon, and in the meantime, we're eager to hear your thoughts!

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