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Metaculus Staffing News

It’s with great excitment that I can officially announce that Gaia Dempsey (aka fianxu) has stepped into the role of Metaculus CEO. Gaia has been part of the team for more than a year now as an advisor and then prime mover on the pandemic project, and we think she will bring the perfect blend of experience, brilliance, energy, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and excitement about forecasting and the community to take Metaculus to the next level.

I (continuing as board president) and the other Metaculus founders will continue to be centrally involved in the endeavor, but with Gaia in her new role we expect Metaculus to move both faster and in exciting new directions — while continuing to be the awesome corner of the internet that it has become.

This and other personnel shifts are reflected in the new (and long overdue) about Metaculus page, which will be updated over the coming ~week to include more of the Metaculus staff (on whom I would like to take this opportunity to also heap praise on — what a fantastic team!)