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Our New Partnership System

Metaculus Meta

We are excited see others benefit from the power of our forecasts and are keen on providing more perks and rewards to our forecasters. Hence, we are working to deliver more questions boosted by those who benefit from them.

We are therefore introducing our new Partnership System as one step toward making it easier for external partners to engage with the Metaculus community. The system is simple:

  • Questions developed in partnership with external organizations will be through the Metaculus-Partners account

  • Each question borne out of an engagement with external organizations will be clearly tagged with the name of the partner organization

  • Organizations who wish to — for whatever reason — remain unnamed, will be assigned two Greek letters to act as their pseudonym. With this system we are respecting the privacy of our partners, just as we respect the privacy of our forecasters.

We aim to be transparent about our partnerships, and we are committed to disclosing to our community whenever a question is connected to an engagement with external organizations.