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Fall 2020 Metaculus Moderator Election

by Sylvain {{qctrl.question.publish_time | dateStr}} Edited on {{qctrl.question.edited_time | dateStr}} {{"estimatedReadingTime" | translate:({minutes: qctrl.question.estimateReadingTime()})}}
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  • Metaculus is growing and hopefully will continue to grow in the coming months. Our moderating team has been doing a stellar job, as we all know. To better absorb coming changes, and because one backup is no backup, we've decided it's time to recruit again!

    In the past, moderator recruitment was done internally. Current admins/mods generated a list of who they thought would make a good fit, and then approached them to gauge their interest. This worked well, but we're concerned it might not scale well. We are currently thinking about other ways. Which makes this a perfect opportunity to experiment!

    This time we are going to hold an election! It will unfold thus:

    1. Any user who thinks they would make a good Metaculus Community Moderator™, should make a top-level comment below. Please start the comment with the line: "# [username] Candidacy", which should produce a formatted title.

    2. You are encouraged to include a short explanation of your motivations and what would make you a good mod.

    3. Other users are then free to ask candidates questions in the same thread, and leave smiley faces on the top-level comment.

    4. On the 2020-11-16, a list of candidates will be generated by taking all contenders with more than 4 smiley faces on their top-level comment.

    5. All eligible Metaculus users will be invited to vote in a survey. Only users who were at least level 2 when this post was published will be eligible.

    6. We will use approval/disapproval voting. For each candidate, voters will have to choose among {approve, neutral, disapprove}.

    7. Each candidate's net approval will be .

    8. To be elected, a candidate needs a 50% net approval. If more than two candidates get more than 50%, the best two will become Moderators (sorry!).

    9. The survey will stay open a week, after which the ballots will be carefully counted (how long can that take, really) and the results published.

    As a reminder, here are the Moderators' main roles:

    1. Community Moderators are responsible for providing constructive feedback on user-submitted questions. They should ask for revisions when necessary, and eventually approve or reject those questions.

    2. Community Moderators are trusted emissaries of Metaculus. They should guide the community by doing things like answering users’ questions about the platform, help resolve disputes about question resolutions, report spam or community guideline violations.

    3. Community Moderators may act as a liaison between the Metaculus community and Metaculus the company. Community Moderators can escalate issues of moderation by contacting the Metaculus team for guidance and administrative or technical tasks. Additionally, Community Moderators can help draw extra attention to bugs, feature requests, or other issues that affect the site.

    So as not to clog the comment section, please leave feedback in the Feedback Thread.

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