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Metaculus capabilities list

Recently I found myself making a rough list of the things the Metaculus platform does, and realized it might be useful to have a full list somewhere on the site. So here's my initial version; it's got a mid-level of detail. I've put some somewhat hidden or non-obvious features in parenthesis; I bet even some quite seasoned users will discover some things! Please chime in with what I've missed or what you think people should know about.

  • List questions
    • Display in table
      • Switch between Metaculus and community prediction by clicking graph
      • Express interest (affects interest and filter by interested)
    • Search (recently much improved)(note use + and * to require or exclude categories)
    • Filter & Order (note these are stored in URL so you can bookmark particular combinations you like.)
  • Display a single question
    • See predictions (Click predicted percentage to switch community <—> Metaculus predictions. Mouse-over graph to see other times.)
    • Share question (you can use to get code to embed a Metaculus question as an iframe on any webpage)
    • List partners (you can "partner" on a Metaculus question in various ways)
    • List categories (click to get a list of all questions in that category)
    • Set reminders (get email reminders of various types)
    • Tachyonic powers (you can spend tachyons to undo some potential disasters.)
    • Predict on a question
      • If you "post as comment" your prediction will be displayed next to your comment.
    • Discuss a question
      • @ will pull up an auto*completed list.
      • You can link to a particular comment. You can find all of your or a user's comments on their profile page (if you can view it.)
  • Create new questions
    • Public
    • Discussion
    • Private (private questions can be created, and shared with a few people. They appear in your own track record.)
  • Display Metaculus track record
    • (Accessible via "mapping the future" in header)
    • Tons of functionality to geek out on. (Many things do something interesting if you click them.)
  • Blog/News (Not well-known, but it exists.)
  • FAQ (available in the footer. Lots of detail.)
  • Rankings/Leaderboards
    • Contests housed here
    • Lots of filters on leaderboards
  • Tutorials (available in the footer)
  • Separate domains (see e.g. pandemic.metaculus.com. These can be public or private and can be offered as a service.)
  • Profile
  • Track record, powers, achievements, etc.
    • You get achievements for doing various things
    • You get powers at particular levels, but can buy them early using tachyons.
  • Settings
    • Lots of notification, privacy, and other choices. (e.g. you can turn off the community prediction being visible by default.)
  • Email notifications (control via settings, and via "notifications" you set up on questions)
  • List categories
  • Resource list (available on footer)
  • Discord (there is a public discord channel, fairly active)
  • Patreon (we have one! See footer. Donating give you bling and some extra powers.)
  • About (find out more about the team and the plan)
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