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Recently I found myself making a rough list of the things the Metaculus platform does, and realized it might be useful to have a full list somewhere on the site. So here's my initial version; it's got a mid-level of detail. I've put some somewhat hidden or non-obvious features in parenthesis; I bet even some quite seasoned users will discover some things! Please chime in with what I've missed or what you think people should know about.

  • List questions
    • Display in table
      • Switch between Metaculus and community prediction by clicking graph
      • Express interest (affects interest and filter by interested)
    • Search (recently much improved)(note use + and * to require or exclude categories)
    • Filter & Order (note these are stored in URL so you can bookmark particular combinations you like.)
  • Display a single question
    • See predictions (Click predicted percentage to switch community <—> Metaculus predictions. Mouse-over graph to see other times.)
    • Share question (you can use to get code to embed a Metaculus question as an iframe on any webpage)
    • List partners (you can "partner" on a Metaculus question in various ways)
    • List categories (click to get a list of all questions in that category)
    • Set reminders (get email reminders of various types)
    • Tachyonic powers (you can spend tachyons to undo some potential disasters.)
    • Predict on a question
      • If you "post as comment" your prediction will be displayed next to your comment.
    • Discuss a question
      • @ will pull up an auto*completed list.
      • You can link to a particular comment. You can find all of your or a user's comments on their profile page (if you can view it.)
  • Create new questions
    • Public
    • Discussion
    • Private (private questions can be created, and shared with a few people. They appear in your own track record.)
  • Display Metaculus track record
    • (Accessible via "mapping the future" in header)
    • Tons of functionality to geek out on. (Many things do something interesting if you click them.)
  • Blog/News (Not well-known, but it exists.)
  • FAQ (available in the footer. Lots of detail.)
  • Rankings/Leaderboards
    • Contests housed here
    • Lots of filters on leaderboards
  • Tutorials (available in the footer)
  • Separate domains (see e.g. These can be public or private and can be offered as a service.)
  • Profile
  • Track record, powers, achievements, etc.
    • You get achievements for doing various things
    • You get powers at particular levels, but can buy them early using tachyons.
  • Settings
    • Lots of notification, privacy, and other choices. (e.g. you can turn off the community prediction being visible by default.)
  • Email notifications (control via settings, and via "notifications" you set up on questions)
  • List categories
  • Resource list (available on footer)
  • Discord (there is a public discord channel, fairly active)
  • Patreon (we have one! See footer. Donating give you bling and some extra powers.)
  • About (find out more about the team and the plan)
Metaculus Itself

Metaculus help: Predicting

Predictions are the heart of Metaculus. Predicting is how you contribute to the wisdom of the crowd, and how you earn points and build up your personal Metaculus track record.

The basics of predicting are very simple: move the slider to best match the likelihood of the outcome, and click predict. You can predict as often as you want, and you're encouraged to change your mind when new information becomes available.

The displayed score is split into current points and total points. Current points show how much your prediction is worth now, whereas total points show the combined worth of all of your predictions over the lifetime of the question. The scoring details are available on the FAQ.

Thanks for predicting!

Your prediction has been recorded anonymously.

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