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Future Perfect 2021 Series

This year again, Dylan Matthews, Kelsey Piper, and Sigal Samuel of Vox's Future Perfect have made a number of predictions with probability estimates virtuously attached. Their set of 2021 forecasts is high-profile modelling of excellent epistemic norms.

We've decided to again take their prediction list, and make it into a Metaculus series. The questions are in the process of being written in a form suitable for Metaculus, check this page again for an updated list.

If you're landing here from the Vox article, welcome to Metaculus! Feel free to browse the below questions and predict anonymously, but for more fun and to track your predictions, please sign up.

Here are the questions (links to the Metaculus questions to be added as they are written):

A post on the 2020 version of the series can be found here, with the questions available here.