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A New Design Language For Metaculus

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We've been working on a major site redesign and have been looking forward to the moment when we could share our progress with you. In addition to looking fantastic, the new design will improve our abilities to

  • Provide a great mobile experience
  • Quickly build out new features and content
  • Provide forecasting tools that support excellent science communication

We encourage you to read our full post about the redesign and the motivations behind it, to view some sample images from the redesign, to visit our in-progress environment to get a flavor, and finally to share your feedback in this short survey and in the comments below.

As always, Happy Predicting,

The Metaculus Team

Metaculus help: Predicting

Predictions are the heart of Metaculus. Predicting is how you contribute to the wisdom of the crowd, and how you earn points and build up your personal Metaculus track record.

The basics of predicting are very simple: move the slider to best match the likelihood of the outcome, and click predict. You can predict as often as you want, and you're encouraged to change your mind when new information becomes available.

The displayed score is split into current points and total points. Current points show how much your prediction is worth now, whereas total points show the combined worth of all of your predictions over the lifetime of the question. The scoring details are available on the FAQ.

Thanks for predicting!

Your prediction has been recorded anonymously.

Want to track your predictions, earn points, and hone your forecasting skills? Create an account today!

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