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Public Figures: New Figure Suggestions

Metaculus collects testable claims made by public figures in the news and compares them to our community forecasts.

Suggest a new figure

On this page, comment with your suggestions for new public figures you would like to see Metaculus track, and provide other feedback on this experimental tool.

You can suggest new figures simply by commenting with their name, but suggestions are more likely to be incorporated—and more quickly—if you include:

  • What makes this public figure worth tracking
  • A direct quotation of the prediction
  • A link to the prediction source
  • The prediction date
  • At least one related Metaculus question
  • A mention of @christian in your comment

Public Figures index

For an index of Public Figures tracked by Metaculus, visit the Public Figures page.

For more details on how to use this tool and contribute to this project, click here.