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Platform feature suggestions

Cross-posted on Metaculus: Pandemics.

This thread serves as a collection spot for Metaculus platform feature requests and discussions. Everyone is invited to chime in with suggestions as to what would make Metaculus better! Along with participating in the discussion, Metaculus staff regularly reviews this thread and especially highly-upvoted features to further develop and fold into our development queue.

A few related places of interest:

  • This thread itself is huge — so it's a good idea to search for the feature you want and see if someone else has already suggested it; if so, give their suggestion an upvote or reply if you want to discuss further.

  • Metaculus has a lot of non-obvious/hidden features and it's possible it already does what you are requesting. You may want to check out the FAQ and this Metaculus capabilities list

  • This platform update thread discusses new feature releases and we really, really try (but sometimes fail) to remember to update it when we release new features.

(edited 2020-02-12 to update)