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Alt-Protein Tournament
Feeding Humanity Forum

Feeding Humanity

A community forecasting space focused on improving the global food ecosystem

$1,154.00 Tournament Funds Raised

Welcome to the Feeding Humanity Forecasting Cause! This is a community space for forecasters interested in the future of a global, healthy food ecosystem, from regenerative agriculture to alternative protein. You can participate in a number of valuable ways:

  • Share your expertise, brainstorm, write questions for forecasting, and update the community with the latest research in the Feeding Humanity Discussion Forum.
  • Join the Alt-Protein Tournament we're hosting in partnership with the Good Food Institute, and make forecasts.
  • Increase forecaster rewards by becoming a Supporter.
  • Share forecasts and analysis developed here with people who can benefit from them, and invite new participants into the ecosystem.

Whether you’re interested in biodiversity, human health, animal rights, the environment, or just being helpful to others, your participation as a forecaster, supporter, or learner-in-public in the Feeding Humanity Forecasting Cause can help support the evolution of the global food ecosystem by increasing our collective knowledge about the likeliest – and most promising – opportunities ahead.

We appreciate your presence and your support, and we look forward to cultivating this forecasting community space for many years to come.