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In an increasingly technical and online world, the ability to hit a button and cause untold physical and societal damage has never been so easy. As countries jockey for position in global leadership through complex maneuvers of politics and diplomatic relations, there have been increasing movements in nuclear armament. Understanding the risks associated with nuclear armament and warfare, and the causal pathways that could lead to their use, is the current focus of our Flourishing Futures Cause.

We are also announcing an exciting new development — we are partnering with Rethink Priorities to launch the Nuclear Risk Forecasting Tournament! This will help inform policy makers, researchers, altruists, investors, and entrepreneurs on the risks and outcomes associated nuclear warfare and the likelihood of its occurrence in the future.

You can participate in a number of valuable ways:


China and Global Cooperation

$2,500.00 Prize Pool
Closes on Dec. 31, 2023 34 Forecasts

Flourishing Futures Forum

4 Discussions

Nuclear Risk Horizons Project

80 Forecasts

Nuclear Risk Tournament

$2,668.00 Prize Pool
Closes on Feb. 1, 2024 67 Forecasts

Szilard Fortified Essay Contest

Closed on Feb. 1, 2022

White Hat Cyber

$2,500.00 Prize Pool
Closes on May 31, 2023 48 Forecasts