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Will we find the remains of missing Malaysia Air flight 370 by summer's end?


In March 2014, the world mourned (and a thousand conspiracy theories were born) when Malaysia Air flight 370 disappeared over the South China Sea.

But although initial search and rescue (and later, recovery) efforts failed, many have not abandoned hope. Ocean Infinity, for instance, is still on the case. On June 4, the Norwegian ship Seabed Constructor headed into terra incognito:

Over the past few days, the ship has been searching an area of the southern Indian Ocean where Chinese navy ship Haixun 01 detected a suspected black box “ping” less than a month after the plane vanished on March 8, 2014.

This article by the BBC paints a bleak picture of the search effort. So it seems unlikely that there will be a breakthrough, especially in the next few months. Then again, Black Swan events (and their converse) are rarely predictable.

Question resolves positive if credible media reports indicate that search efforts have found unambiguous evidence of the missing plane by September 22, 2018 (last day of summer).

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