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Will Michael Phelps be tempted out of retirement to compete in the 2020 Olympics?


American swimmer, Michael Phelps, is the most decorated Olympian in history.

As reports:

By the time he retired at Rio 2106 at the age of 31, Michael Phelps had collected a total of 23 golds, three silvers and two bronzes at the Olympics, a record-breaking haul that looks unlikely to be bettered for many years to come.

Following his dominating performance in 2016 in Rio, he announced his retirement from the sport. In no uncertain terms.

The thing is, he already retired once from the sport--in no uncertain terms--in 2012!

So was Rio really it? Is he seriously going to stay out of the pool in 2020 in Toyko?

Check out discussion along these lines here.

Fellow Olympian Apolo Ohno expressed doubts in an interview in February:"I think [he'll compete in 2020], it's just my personal opinion."

In the wake of 2016, teammate Ryan Lochte also held out hope, saying "I guarantee he will be there... Michael, I'll see you in Tokyo."

Despite more recent statements to the contrary, Phelps left the door open to return in an interview with the Baltimore Sun last August, saying: "We'll see if I get that itch again."

The report ended with these teasing lines: "Is he really finished? Stay tuned."

Question resolves positive if Phelps announces that he's coming out of retirement to compete in the 2020 Olympics before January 1, 2019.


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