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AI-Generated Film Ranked #1 In Streaming


As of 2022, generative artificial intelligence models have demonstrated synthesis of audio, images, and text at varying levels of quality. Additionally, deepfaked faces and voices are currently being researched and applied by studios such as Disney to aid in reviving characters from past productions.

When will an original, wholly AI-generated feature film be ranked #1 on a popular streaming service?

This question will resolve as the date when a film generated wholly by an artificial intelligence reaches the #1 rank in streaming popularity on any of the top 10 online video streaming services at the time, as verified by the streaming service itself or some other credible source.

"Wholly AI-generated" means that all final audio and video was generated by an artificial intelligence system. The film may be edited, cut, cherry-picked, or rearranged by humans so long as all video and audio data in the final film is the product of an AI system. The AI system may ingest human prompts, scripts, or sparse storyboards as input to guide it.

"#1 rank in streaming popularity" means that the film is the most popular film on the streaming service for at least one day. This ranking may be confirmed by the streaming service or by another credible source.

"Streaming service" means any online platform that primarily serve video content to users. Examples in 2022 would include services such as YouTube, Disney+, or Netflix. The streaming service must be in the top 10 by monthly active users, according to statements from the company or an estimate from a credible source.

"Feature film" means a digital audiovisual experience that lasts for at least 40 consecutive minutes.

"Original" means an average viewer would not classify it as a direct copy of an existing film. Tropes/clichés/heavy similarities are fine, so long as the AI does not simply reproduce an existing film.

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