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GOP Prez Nominee Win Massachusetts


For the past 100 years, the Democratic Presidential nominee has won the state of Massachusetts in the vast majority of US Presidential Elections. The Republican nominee has won MA only a handful of times (5 of the last 25 presidential elections). The last time the GOP nominee won the state of Massachusetts was in 1984 when Ronald Reagan won it during his 49-state landslide win.

When will the Republican presidential nominee next win the state of Massachusetts in a US Presidential Election?

The first of the US Presidential Elections listed below in which the GOP nominee wins the popular vote in the state of Massachusetts will resolve as Yes. All other elections will resolve as No. If an election is not held in Massachusetts in the scheduled year then that election and all subsequent elections resolve as Ambiguous, or subject to admin discretion. If the election of 2052 and all prior listed elections resolve as No then the answer "> 2052" resolves as Yes.

Politics – US

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