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As the two most populous nations on the planet, both at somewhat similar stages of economic development, the economic prospects of China and India are frequently compared. A FocusEconomics article describes their economic history and outlook as follows:

When considering China and India, in recent decades China has been the more attractive economic prospect. The country’s nominal GDP of USD 18 trillion is roughly six times that of India. China has historically had a larger population. And in the previous decade, China’s real GDP growth outpaced India’s by over 1.5 percentage points annually.

However, the tables are set to be at least partly turned in the coming years. According to IMF data, China’s population is now in decline. By the end of our forecast horizon in 2027, China will have lost 8 million people; In contrast, India will have gained over 75 million and stolen China’s crown as the world’s most populous country. Moreover, India’s real GDP growth will be over 2 percentage points higher than China’s every year over our forecast horizon.