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Will a "sex doll brothel" open in the US before August 1st 2019?


In September this year, it looked as if America's first sex doll brothel was about to cut the red ribbon and receive its first customers. However, a wave of media attention brought the issue to the attention of the Houston City Council, who hurriedly passed an ordinance that apparently banned the use, but not sale, of sex dolls in what it terms "adult arcades". (The amendment to the definition of "arcade device" does not yet appear in this version of the ordinance I found online.)

But never mind – Kinky S Dolls can still operate from its premises in Toronto, which it describes as the "first SexDoll 'rent before you buy' Spa in North America". (I'm not going to link to their site, but it's not hard to find.)

According to one list, there are 11 sex doll brothels operating around the world. This question asks the following:

Before August 1st 2019, will there exist an establishment in the United States, legal and open to the public, that advertises and offers a service of renting out sex dolls for use on its premises?

The establishment must be reasonably believed to have been able to sell this service to at least one customer.

(It might be Kinky S Dolls after all – its founder mentioned that he was talking to lawyers about suing the city council over their decision.)

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