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Will the United States fulfill its goal of landing humans on the moon again before 2025?


On March 26 2019, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence announced that it was the policy of the United States Government to land Americans on the moon within five years 'by any means necessary.'

Announcing the goal at a meeting of the National Space Council, Pence dismissed the goal of achieving a human landing by 2028 as 'just not good enough,' urging NASA to achieve the goal four years earlier, claiming 'we're better than that.'

Will a mission of the United States, or any corporation incorporated in the United States, land one or more living humans on the Moon at any time after 26 March 2019 and before 00:00 UTC on January 1 2025?

In order for a positive resolution, the crewed landing must occur before 00:00 UTC on January 1 2025, and at least one crew member must be a human alive at the time of landing. A successful return to Earth or any other conclusion of the mission is not necessary for a positive resolution.

A positive resolution requires that the mission is more than 50% funded by the Federal Government of the United States or by any agency thereof, or by any agency of the several States, or by any legal or natural person(s) resident (or incorporated) in the United States, or by any combination of the aforementioned entities.

A mission in which such entities contribute exactly 50% or less than 50% of the funding does not count as a US mission for the purposes of this question.

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