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At Least 1 Human In Space Through 2050


Since October 31 2000, the date Soyuz TM-31 lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying the members of Expedition 1, the first long-duration ISS crew, humanity has maintained a permanent off-Earth presence for more than 19 years.

This question asks: Will humanity maintain an off-Earth presence continuously until 1 January 2050?

For a positive resolution, at least one living and conscious biological human must be physically located at some point beyond 100km altitude above Earth's mean sea level at all times continuously until 1 January 2050. This could include persons aboard spacecraft and space stations, as well as persons on any astronomical object other than Earth (e.g. Moon or Mars explorers / settlers).

If the number of living and conscious biological humans off-Earth drops to zero at any time before 1 January 2050, this question resolves negatively. EMs, artificial intelligence systems, humans in suspended animation or cryopreservation, and all other instances of either wholly non-biological or non-conscious humans will not count for the purposes of this question. Humans who are merely sleeping will be considered conscious for the purposes of this question.

However, biological humans with some degree of cybernetic augmentation (brain implants, artificial limbs or organs, etc) will suffice, so long as they could still reproduce with un-augmented humans.

Technology – Space

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