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USD dominant reserve currency in 2050


The IMF regularly publishes information on the composition of official global foreign exchange reserves in the aggregated Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER). As of Q3 2019, the U.S dollar comprises 61.8% of the total (source).

Several contributing factors are thought to contribute to this state of affairs, including the stability, size, and liquidity of United States Treasury assets, the tying of other currencies to the U.S dollar as part of the Bretton Woods Agreement, and the strength of the U.S economy.

At present, the U.S dollar is considered to be the world's dominant reserve currency. This is considered to diminish the impact of higher U.S trade deficits and allowing it to impose unilateral sanctions. However, it has been speculated that the U.S dollar may be supplanted by the euro or the renminbi, or may diminish in importance.

Will the USD be the dominant global reserve currency in 2050?

Question resolves positively if the most recently released percentage of allocated global foreign currency reserves comprising of the U.S dollar, by year-end 2050, is over 50%. Per moderator discretion, if the IMF has ceased publication of COFER in lieu of a new publication containing the same statistics, the new publication will be used instead.

Question resolves as ambiguous the IMF has not published any statistics for any quarters after Q1 2045, if admins judge that the IMF has ceased to exist.


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