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When will Disneyland reopen?


Much of the US economy is shut down in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. At some point, businesses will reopen, likely starting with those that are important to everyday life and do not involve large groups of people. A reasonable proxy for the general reopening of the economy is the reopening of Disneyland in California as it is not critical to everyday life and does involve large crowds. If Disneyland is open, it means everything probably is as well.

If Disneyland in Anaheim, California reopens its doors to the public, on what day will it first do so? For the purpose of this question, the reopening day is the first day when all of the following are satisfied:

  • The Disneyland website (currently hosted here) is accessible and does not indicate that the park is closed (it currently has a notice about temporary closure)
  • Tickets to the park can be bought on that website
  • At least three pictures of people visiting the park for fun are published on social media or press

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