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US Min Wage If Biden President


Joe Biden claims he will increase the federal minimum wage to $15/hr, a figure notably promoted by the Fight for $15 movement, up from its current value of $7.25/hr.

The $15 minimum wage movement has seen some successes on the local level, with six states having laws that will phase in a $15 minimum wage. Such a move is backed by the rest of the Democratic Party: the Raise the Wage Act, which includes a $15 minimum wage, has 205 cosponsors in the House, all Democratic (and cleared the House in the 116th Congress).

If Biden is elected president in the 2020 election and takes office, will the federal minimum wage be at the end of 2024 in nominal US dollars per hour?

The minimum wage will be decided by the US Department of Labor website. This question is about the active minimum wage at the end of 2024, so if a bill is passed in 2024 that mandates a certain minimum wage in 2025, that will not be considered. If that website does not give information on the minimum wage (or lack thereof), this question will resolve based on credible media reports.

If Joe Biden is not elected or does not take office, this question resolves as ambiguous.

If there is no minimum wage, the minimum wage will be considered to be $0.

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