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England's Population in London in 2022


As people increasingly get used to remote working during lockdown, there have been claims about the effect this will have on the shape of work in the long-term. It is at least possible that people will increasingly move to live outside of major cities, and then work remotely for at least a part of the time. At the last available estimate (April 2019), the population of London was 8,908,081 and the population.of England 56,286,961

What fraction of England’s population will live in London at the end of 2022?

The question will resolve as the percent of England's population which live in London, according to estimates published by the Office for National Statistics for April 2022, which is expected to be released mid-2023.

If no estimate is produced by the end of 2024, or the ONS ceases to exist, other credible estimates will be used. If the ONS produces an estimate for a different month of 2022, this will be used instead. If the ONS produces multiple estimates, the estimate closest to April 15 2022 will be used.

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