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Warsaw a red pandemic zone before Oct 24th


On the 6th of August 2020, the Government of Poland introduced three kinds of epidemic zones (or "areas" as the government website calls them). Each district's classification depends on the number of infections its has at the time. The list is based on analyses of the dynamics of infection increases in the last 14 days.

  • red zones - broad restrictions

  • yellow zones - less severe restrictions

  • green zones - least severe restrictions

The pandemic situation in Poland is becoming more and more serious recently with a new record of daily number of confirmed cases reported and more then 130 000 confirmed cases in total.

On Thursday the 1st of October, the capital city of Warsaw was announced by the government Ministry of Health as one of 17 districts on the list of those at risk of becoming yellow zones. At that time out of a total of 380 districts in Poland there were 17 districts with red zone status, and 34 with yellow.

Kraska also said, from the next week on, the criteria of assigning cities and counties to yellow and red zones would be tightened. (...) He added that this correction rate was unfavorable for big cities, as due to high number of residents they were much more likely to be marked yellow or red.

A week later, on Thursday the 8th of October Government announced that 38 districts are in red zone and all the rest of them inluding Warsaw are now in yellow zone.

This article which unfortunately is available only in Polish says:

On October 11, 2,392 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Warsaw in the last two weeks. Whether a given region is in the red zone is determined by the number of new coronavirus infections (12 positive tests per 10,000 inhabitants over two weeks). In the case of Warsaw, the required number is 2,132 new cases over 14 days. On Sunday there were already 2,392 of them.

Will Warsaw (the capital of Poland) become a red epidemic zone before the 24th of October 2020?

For the question to resolve positively the Warsaw district (Warszawa) should be announced as red zone by the government of Poland and the change of the classification must become effective (law has to come to effect, which would mean that increased restrictions must be introduced) before October 24th Central Eastern Time (UTC +2). Typically there is a two day period between the announcement of the status change and the law coming to effect.

In case of the unlikely event that Warsaw becomes red zone and still regain its yellow or green zone status before the 24th of October this question would still be resolved positively.

The question shall be retroactively closed 12 hours before the official announcement.

This is the government website that lists current red districts (under "Obszary zakwalifikowane jako czerwone (od 10.10.2020)").

Announcements are also made by the twitter of the Ministry of Health

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