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Black Lives Matter opposition over 40%?


This question is part of the 20/20 Insight Tournament. To participate, you’ll need to fill out this survey.

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Black Lives Matter is an American social movement that launched on 2013 with a hashtag campaign to protest police brutality towards black people in the United States. The organization has since been central in several protest waves in the US, peaking in mass rallies-turned clashes after the documented killing of George Floyd, an African American man from Minneapolis, by a police officer.

The popularity of Black Lives Matter has been divided in American public opinion since its founding, its popularity shifting over time in response to current events and political discourse. Support and opposition for the Black Lives Matter movement is measured daily on the Civiqs survey platform. As of 14 October 2020, the levels of opposition to Black Lives Matter is 38%.

This question asks:

On January 1st, 2021, will Americans' opposition to Black Lives Matter be higher than 40%?

The question resolves positively if levels of opposition to Black Lives Matter are higher than 40% according to Civiqs survey data. The question resolves negative if opposition is 40% or lower.

To participate in the contest and be eligible for the prizes, you must answer this question in the dedicated survey linked here.

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