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Gladys Berejiklian's Premiership


Gladys Berejiklian has been Premier of New South Wales, Australia's most populous state, since January 2017. Her term has encompassed both the devastating bush fires of January 2020 and the COVID-19 crisis.

Over the last week, it has been revealed at the Independent Commission Against Corruption that Berejiklian had a five year 'close personal relationship' with another member of State Parliament, Daryl Maguire. Maguire resigned in 2018 after it was revealed that he had sought inappropriate payments in return for favours to developers. Over the last week ICAC has found that not only did Maguire receive payments from developers in return for favours, he was also involved in a 'cash for visa's scam' targeting Chinese nationals. Ms Berejiklian has not been directly implicated in either scheme.

The NSW parliamentary system gives members of the party in government the ability to vote on their leader, and so change the Premier outside of an election. Leaders may also resign and can be removed by the Governor.

Over the last 20 years, NSW has had 7 premiers. Of these, 1 was defeated by a leadership spill, 4 resigned, and 1 lost an election. Notably, Barry O'Farrell resigned his premiership in 2014 after it was found he had misled the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

[Short Fuse] Will Gladys Berejiklian cease to be Premier of NSW by 1 December 2020?

The question will resolve positively if, before 1 December 2020, it is reported by two or more major news sources in Australia that Ms Berejiklian is no longer Premier of NSW.

For the purposes of this question, major news sources in Australia are the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Australian.

The question will close retrospectively, 24 hours before the event occurs.

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