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10 fatalities due to post-election violence


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There are mounting concerns  that the nearing US presidential elections will be contested. Sitting president Donald Trump has attacked the legitimacy of the voting system and publicly refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he loses the election. In light of the complications and time involved in resolving a contested election, some have warned of civil unrest and the possibility of violent outbreaks following the election.

This question asks:

Will there be at least 10 fatalites caused in post-election political violence in the United States?

This question resolves on the basis of credible media reports that link deaths to election-related violence. Note that such deaths must occur as a direct result of violent confrontation that is primarily linked to election activity. For example, a fatal clash at the polls or at an election-related protest would count. By contrast, a fatal clash at a Black Lives Matter protest would not count since this would not be primarily linked to the election. Any deaths that occur due to violence before 3 November or after 20 January would not count for this question.

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