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Another hit by two Cat 4+ hurricanes in the same year?


Prior to 2017, the United States had never recorded landfall of more than one hurricane Category 4 or stronger in a single year. Since 1856, only 18 Category 4 and five Category 5 storms have made landfall in the United States. But in 2017 both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck as Category 4 storms, hitting Texas and Florida, respectively. Subsequently, hurricane Jose developed into a Category 4 and hurricane Maria strengthened into a Category 5 storm, devastating Puerto Rico.

The highly destructive Atlantic hurricane season has focused attention on the relationship between climate change and the strength of hurricanes. Because warm ocean water fuels hurricanes and warmer water = stronger hurricanes (and climate change = warmer water) stronger storms may become the norm in future decades.

Will two Category 4+ hurricanes hit the United States within the same year in the next five years?

This question will resolve as positive if at least two named Atlantic hurricanes, both classified as Category 4 or 5 storms upon landfall, arrive on the territory of the United States before December 31, 2022. This resolution criteria includes landfall on the Florida Keys or other islands that are part of one of the 50 United States.

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