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Will the US take military action in N. Korea?


Ever-heightening rhetoric on both the North Korean and US side is creating a dangerous situation in North Korea, with both sides flat-out threatening to obliterate the other.

While most analysts believe that an unprovoked nuclear strike is unlikely, there are concerns about many pathways to an steady escalation that could lead to a significant conventional or even nuclear war, as outlined in this sobering article.

Will a US-led military action occur in N. Korea by the end of 2018?

Question resolves as positive if a credible news source reports that a branch of the US military or contractors employed by the US have taken military action in N. Korea that result in damage to N. Korean assets and/or personnel. This includes response to a North Korean action or attack (subject of a separate question) or US-initiated aggression. The action must take place on N. Korean soil or over N. Korean airspace.

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