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Revenue of Animal Charity Evaluators in 2021


Animal Charity Evaluators is a US-based non-profit charity evaluator founded in 2012, dedicated to finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to affect donations, and I'm curious to see if Metaculus can predict ACE's finances in a time of uncertainty.

On the other hand, Effective Altruism, a broader movement dedicated to "doing the most good" with which ACE identifies, has in the past considered counter-cyclical donation schedules (i.e., to donate more to charities in a recession), but it's unclear to what extent the idea has gained traction.

How much money will be donated to ACE in 2021?

This question will be resolved according to ACE's own financials page, which includes data for past years. For example, ACE's revenue for 2019 can be found under 2019/Revenue by Source/Total, and amounts to $1,217,757

If the financials page has changed, but ACE makes the number available somewhere else on the internet, that will be used as a resolution. If it isn't available, we'll ask per email. If they don't answer, the question resolves ambiguously.

This question belongs to the Animal Charity Evaluators Strategy series. This is a series of questions intended to introduce Animal Charity Evaluators to the idea of using forecasting as a tool to inform their strategy. The questions were created by Misha Yagudin and Nuño Sempere, in consultation with ACE.

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