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Luyten's Star Message Detected Before 2046


In October 2017, Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International (METI) transmitted a signal into space designed to let other civilizations know we're here.

The message, transmitted to a red dwarf star 12 light-years from Earth and contains information on human understanding of science, math and time.

In March 2017, a planet three times the mass of Earth within the habitable zone was discovered orbiting the star. If there's anyone on that planet who receives the message, their reply could arrive as early as 2042.

Will we detect a message originating from Luyten's Star before 2046?

This question will resolve as positive if a signal of unambiguously intelligent and extraterrestrial origin originating from Luyten's Star is detected on or near Earth on or before December 31, 2045.

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