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When will AI understand "I Want My Hat Back"?


The ending of the children's book "I Want My Hat Back" by Jonathan Klassen implies that a rabbit was eaten by a bear. It is not stated explicitly, but clues throughout the short picture book make it clear what happened. Most human readers of a certain age can connect the dots, but when could AI?

I call it the Bear Eats A Rabbit (BEAR) Test.

I am working on a documentary about this very question and looking for more opinions on the feasibility of the task (hence why I am asking you fine people!).

See the first episode here.

So what do you think?

When will AI be able to infer the implied ending of the children's book "I Want My Hat Back" and accurately answer the question: "What happened to the rabbit"?

This resolves positively when an AI system can take a scanned or digital copy of the book "I Want My Hat Back" as input and is able to correctly respond to the question "What Happened to the rabbit?" within no more than five tries.

Correct responses to the question are statements of the effect that the bear ate the rabbit ("The bear ate it", "It was eaten by the bear", or some equivalent).

If no serious attempts are made before 2041-01-01, this question resolves as ">2041-01-01".

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