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Number of United States presidents


The United States of America is a North American country that was established on July 4, 1776. The first President of the United States was George Washington, and Donald John Trump is the 45th and current President.

Although it may seem hard to imagine a future where there is no President of the United States for an extended period of time, political systems and the fates of nations change over time.

Until now, there have only been minor gaps of a few days between the end of one president's term and the swearing in of the next.

How many consecutive Presidents of the United States will there be, until that office remains vacant for a period of three consecutive months?

The question will resolve after the first span of three consecutive months where the office of the President of the United States is vacant, retroactively to the time at which the office became vacant. The time of resolution will be determined by the judgement of the Metaculus moderators on the basis of reliable news reports.

If the chief executive office is renamed, such that there is no longer a President of the United States, but there is still a single chief executive with the same or broadly similar powers and responsibilities, this will not trigger resolution. The aim of the question is to identify the date when there is no longer a single chief executive officer of the US.

The question shall track presidents who are democratically elected, or those appointed through the constitutional line of succession. If the US constitution is amended, such that presidents no longer have term limits or are appointed by other methods, the question will include those presidents, so long as they hold their power legally (defined by the contemporaneous constitution).

Politics – US

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