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In light of recent events, calls have been made to again impeach President Trump, or even pursue criminal charges. Previously, media coverage has suggested that Trump may be intending to flee the United States at the end of his Presidency, with one piece in The Guardian stating:

The murk surrounding Donald Trump’s likely whereabouts on his last day as president has thickened considerably with news that an official plane he has used in the past is due to fly to Scotland the day before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In this particular case, however, the Washington Post later reported on statements made by the White House denying this suggestion:

“Anonymous sources who claim to know what the President is or is not considering have no idea. When President Trump has an announcement about his plans for Jan. 20 he will let you know,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a written statement.

The White House followed up with a second statement, attributed to press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, that the reports of a Trump trip to Turnberry were “not accurate. President Trump has no plans to travel to Scotland.”

Where Trump and his family members will go and where they will live after his term has not been announced.