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DC Statehood before 2025-01-20?


Residents of Washington DC have long been frustrated by a lack of (voting) representation in the US Congress, as well as local governance problems arising from the city's status as a federal district.

Members of Congress have in the past introduced legislation intending to convert much of the current federal district into a new state. President-elect Biden has in the past vocalized support for such resolutions.

There are numerous proposals for the exact details of such a transition, most including a prominent 'rump federal district' around the US Capitol building.

Will Washington D.C. become a state before 2025-01-20?

This question resolves yes if legislation making some portion of DC a new state becomes law before January 20, 2025. The legislation need not go into effect by that date. This question resolves No if DC's status remains unchanged, if DC is retroceded to Maryland, or if DC is otherwise granted some, but not all rights afforded to a state.

Resolution by credible reports and/or absence of credible reports. If the result is unclear, this question may resolve ambiguous.

Politics – US

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