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No Trump Family Indictments in 2021


As a part of the Future Perfect 2021 series, this question is inspired by one of the predictions in this article, where Dylan Matthews suggests a prediction of 65% here.

As Donald Trump leaves the presidency, there are open questions about his legal vulnerabilities and those of his family. There have been several issues raised that could, in principle, lead to members of the Trump family being charge with crimes.

A key issue here is that, as president, Donald Trump only has the power pardon individuals for federal crimes and so states could still indict a Trump family member.

Here are some articles describing these issues:

Will none of Trump's immediate family be indicted by 2022-01-01?

This question will resolve negative in the event of the production of a publicly available court filing or indictment document detailing a specific indictment of one of the Trump family members described below. If the resolution date of the question arrives before the public availability of such a document then the question resolves positive. Any Indictment, whether federal or state-level, will qualify.

This question will not consider reports of a sealed or otherwise non-public indictment to be meaningful. This question will also disregard the results of the case and only considers that a member of the family is charged for a crime.

For the purposes of this question, 'Members of the Trump family' shall be taken to include only the following:

  • Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump Jr.
  • Eric Trump
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Tiffany Trump
  • Melania Trump
  • Barron Trump
  • Jared Kushner

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