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Zettascale computing when?


The first petascale supercomputer--that is, a computer capable of performing 10^15 floating-point operations per second, or one petaFLOP--came online in 2008.

The first exascale computers (10^18 operations) are expected later this year and were originally expected by Metaculus late last year.

The first zettascale computers, which can perform 10^21 operations per second, are not yet on the horizon.

When will zettascale computing be achieved?

Resolves when the Top500 list (or other credible source, Wikipedia included, if Top500 isn't around) lists a computer capable of one zettaFLOP or higher Rmax (or broadly equivalent performance measure if Rmax is no longer used) performance.

Historical Top500 data available here.

Distributed computing projects like Folding@home do not suffice for positive resolution.

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